Good example of a feature story

In class today we discussed writing feature stories, and I shared one with you.

Here is the link to view it online and see all the pictures that went with it:

As you read it, you should have noticed how short and concise the sentences and paragraphs are and how this structure makes it a quicker read, which means the pacing of the article is more accelerated and therefore keeps the reader moving through the story.

The pacing is augmented by the use of “cliff-hanger” and other such devices within the writing to make the reader want to learn more.

The point of this is for you to see what I have been talking about. Use inventive leads to pull the reader in. Use the short sentence and paragraph structure to keep the reader moving as you lead them through the story. And give enough details and explanations so the reader truly gains understanding.

Also, don’t forget to have read the story well. You never know if a pop quiz is in the future . . .