2011-12: Student Blogs

This year, I had all of my journalism students set up their own blogs. Here are the links to each of them.

Darianne S WPHS http://darianneschuckman.blogspot.com  
Katie S WPHS http://katiebear2013.blogspot.com
Lauren S WPHS http://lsargent1996.blogspot.com
Nicole H WPHS http://nicolehorton2014.blogspot.com
Renee H WPHS http://renee-horton.blogspot.com
Alex R WPHS http://acerivera72.blogspot.com
Ashley S WPHS http://ashleystull2012.blogspot.com
Kate H WPHS http://katehagans.blogspot.com
Maci H WPHS http://macihagelgantz.blogspot.com
Drake W WPHS http://drakewentz.blogspot.com
Katie B WPHS http://katiebretton.blogspot.com
Saul R WPHS http://saulrivera71.blogspot.com
Andrew F WPHS http://andrewflax.blogspot.com