New year, new site

Hello, everyone!

I must first apologize. I let this site day last December. I haven’t touched it since then. That’s my fault. I’m trying to fix that, though.

Now, I can’t promise I’m going to post something everyday. Or even every week, for that matter. But I will post more regularly, especially when I have something important, interesting or entertaining to share.

As you might have noticed, the name and URL of this blog are different now. I did this because I want the site to be able to live on year after year. Before, I had it set up to expire at the end of the school year. I realized that’s not what I wanted.

Some of the same features are the same. The course syllabus, which hasn’t changed from last year, is still here. I’ve got a page for important links.

And I will hopefully be adding more items as well.

One thing that isn’t the same — my students can’t post to this blog anymore. I made them set up their own blogs this year. It really made more sense that way.

In any event, sorry it’s been so long, and if you have stuck around, thank you. It’s time to really do this thing.

Let’s do some blogging!