Day: October 20, 2011

National Day on Writing: student’s submission #whyIwrite

National Day on Writing: student’s submission #whyIwrite

N.Y. Police Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Occupy Protesters Is Disciplined : The Two-Way

npr: An incident that happened in the early days of the Occupy Wall Street protests — a New York City police officer’s pepper-spraying of some women on Sept. 24, which was caught on videotape and spread around the Web —

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sfmoma: Love this photo of our sky bridge. So good. (via Heart My Desire.)

National Day on Writing: student’s submission (#whyIwrite)

What follows is something one of my students wrote, and yes, he wrote it. I didn’t put him up to this in any fashion. I just gave him the assignment, and his seeds of ideas germinated into this. He doesn’t

Why I Write (#whyIwrite)

via NOTE: This post is written as a response to the National Day On Writing, which for 2011 is Oct. 20 and celebrates writing of all kinds. Why do I write? I write because it provides me an escape.