Facebook is a reporting tool

Senior Asael Rivera uses Facebook to conduct an interview.

The use of social networking sites at my school isn’t allowed. Well, Twitter is OK, but Facebook is not.

Wednesday, I caught one of my students, Asael “Ace” Rivera, on Facebook during my journalism class.

I started to get angry. They all know they’re not supposed to be on the site.

The school does have a filter that is supposed to block it, but everyone knows how to get around it.

So him getting on was even more defiant than simply ignoring the rule. He had to trick the Internet filter too!

I walked up behind him and was about to lash out when I saw what has taking place.

He was interviewing a source using Facebook Chat!

Rivera blended technology and old-fashion note taking.

I was thrilled! Sure, he shouldn’t have been on Facebook, but at least he was using it for a good reason.

The best part for me, though, was that he was showing me how social media could be used as a reporting tool.

It is something I had talked with my classes about before, but I didn’t think it had really sunk it. Most of them use Twitter just to read jokes or follow celebrities. I thought I had failed.

Ace proved me wrong. I hadn’t failed. I had got through to them, at least to some degree.

I was so excited that I snapped the photos of him conducting the interview. As you look at them, remember that social media in schools can be good, if it is used properly. And properly doesn’t just mean for reporting. The possibilities are endless . . . . . but that’s a topic for a different post.