SHS school year off to good start

I’ve been teaching at Sterling (Kan.) High School for almost five weeks now, and things are going great! I’m getting used to the students, and they are getting used to me.

It is a wonderfully supportive environment. I really feel welcome and a home. Sure, there are growing pains, but that is expected and necessary when beginning a new chapter of one’s life.

I have purchased a home in Sterling, and I’m slowly turning it into my place . . . as the paychecks roll in of course.

The important part of my new life in Sterling is what’s taking place in my classroom.

I have two rooms: a traditional classroom complete with Smartboard and built-in audio system. And a media lab with room for photo shoot, a bank of iMacs and meeting areas.

It is a sweet setup.

Currently I am teaching Junior English, which is American Literature, and a myriad of journalism classes.

My English students are tackling “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and my journalism students are working on the yearbook, learning about media literacy and the history of journalism.

And this is just the beginning. I’ve got a lot lined up for the year. It is going to be great!