English Journal Prompt for 10/01/12

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Why should or shouldn’t a man stay home to care for the house and children while his wife goes to work?

In this day and age, this is really a non-question. We live in a modern society. It doesn’t matter who stays at home to care for the house and children. As long as everyone agrees and is happy with the arrangements, it shouldn’t matter.

Of course, that is a pretty progressive mindset. 

Typically, though, the woman stays home to do the tasks and chores deemed “women’s work.” For some, that is the woman’s job. She is to cook and clean and tend to the children.

Personally, I would like to think it wouldn’t matter either way. As I said, if my spouse and I were both OK with the arrangement, then what is the worry?

It would take me some time to get over myself and the ideals that the man is supposed to be the primary income provider, but I feel I could adjust to having my wife bring in the dough and me simply baking it.

In fact, the more I think about it, I would be really OK with having a wife that made enough where I could stay home and tend to the house. I’m not going to sit here and propose it would be like being on vacation every day, but I do believe it would allow me to pursue a few interests of mine for which there simply isn’t time in my current situation.

For example, I would do landscaping and home improvement projects. There are several tweaks I would like to make to the look of the lawn. This could provide me time. If there were children involved, I would have to squeeze this in during nap time or the child, one he or she became older, could “help” me with these projects.

Of course, my prime reason would be to pursue my dream of being a professional novelist. If I could be at home and work whenever the mood struck me throughout the day, I feel I would achieve a level of happiness I have not known. I love teaching, but I have wanted to be a writer since I was in the fourth grade. To be able to write all day every day would be magical.

Again, if there were children involved, that would have to be dealt with, but the sheer joy being able to write fulltime would make it so any issues with the children that arise would be of no consequence to my mental health. I would still be decidedly content with life.

So, in short, I need a sugar-mama. Now if I could just find one . . .

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