New site helps students keep up with homework

Several of my students requested a way to have their homework accessible once they leave my classroom.

The common request was to have it put on Twitter, but I didn’t feel 140 characters would be enough.

Therefore, I set up a Posterous account on which I will be posting homework every day there is homework to share.

Here is the site:

Yes, there are other ways the students could have taken charge of their own learning and kept track of their homework on their own. In fact, that very idea made me reluctant to create such a place for them to check their homework.

However, I decided I liked the idea because then there would be no excuses about students not knowing what the homework was. This would cut down on any instances of work not being done because “I didn’t know.”

And, I am a huge fan of technology. So doing this seemed natural. It is just another way to serve my students and help them succeed. Besides, as I felt the tinges of this being to much coddling, I also felt it was a way to help the students take control of their own learning.

This way, they can check and see what they need to do. They are in control.

I like it!

Now, I do have a website, a Tumblr, and this blog that serves as my online footprint for my teaching persona (as well as my Twitter account, which also serves my personal and business needs).

So why start yet another site?

Well, that’s simple. I wanted a space dedicated to the homework. That’s all that will appear on the Posterous account. Also, I feel having several platforms to use is a good thing. It gives me flexibility. They are like TV channels. If someone wants to tune in to a certain stream of information, they can. If I lumped everything into one space, the amount of information would be too much, and the space would end up not being as useful, depending upon what the user was looking for.

To me, it is different between drinking from a garden hose and fire hose. The garden hose quenches your thirst just as you want it to, while the fire hose soaks you, which is uncomfortable and leaves you saturated with unwanted water.

I hope this new site helps. As more students become used to checking it, I will really be able to gauge its effectiveness.