Day: February 14, 2013

2nd Semester gets off and running

via My last post was before the Christmas break. I enjoyed the holiday and spent quality time with family and friends. I also worked on a few personal projects. More importantly, though, is the fact the second semester of

English Assignment for Feb. 14, 2013

Mentally prepare for Research Project, which will begin next week Finish watching “Finding Forrester,” which is an inspirational movie about a 16-year-old student who is a gifted writer and befriends a reclusive Pulitzer-prize winning author

Former student gets published in KSU Collegian

My former journalism student, Kate Hagans, has made me proud once again. She got two photos published in the Kansas State Collegian’s Jan. 29, 2013, edition. The first image was the centerpiece of the front page! Wahoo!