New homework site established

Here is a screen shot of the new Homework Repository.

On Saturday I posted about needing to find a new option to share my class’ homework assignments. This was due to the fact my current service, Posterous, announced it was shutting down as of April 30.

Well, I made a decision of how to move forward. I set up a second Blogger blog to be the new home of my Homework Repository. Here is the new address:

As of this writing, it is working well, and I will be post my first homework assignment to it today.

The best part, though, is all of the assignments I ever posted on the Posterous site is now on the new site as well. I have a complete archive of all my homework announcements since I started sharing them online in October 2012.

Of course, getting the archive on the new site was the most difficult and convoluted part of the whole process. Let me walk you through the process.

First, I had to request a backup file of my Posterous site. That was ready for download fairly quickly. It gave me an XML file that was encoded with WordPress information. Despite this, I tried to upload the XML into Blogger. I didn’t work. Obviously.

So then I was stumped. I did some quick Google searches. I found I would need to set up a WordPress site. Upload the XML file into it. Export it again. Run it through a converter to change the WordPress encoding to Blogger encoding. And then upload the site information into my new Blogger site.

I had no idea it would take so long to get it done, but I’m happy to have it finished. Blogger will be a more stable home for the Homework Repository, and though the new URL is a bit longer, I like that it is a derivative of this site.

Another benefit is the posts from the new blog will automatically be shared via Google+, so now students can follow me on there and get the homework via another avenue. Of course, I will continue to share the posts via Twitter using the #teamvogts hashtag.

Thanks for all the suggestions and discussion when I put out the call for ideas. I appreciate it!