Journo Class Assignments for March 20, 2013

A/V Production Fundamentals (1W & 2W):

  • 60-Sec. Video
    • Must include:
      • music clip
      • you talking to the camera/the viewer of the video
      • still pictures w/ Voice Over
      • on-screen text
  • DUE: Wednesday, March 20, 2013, by the end of the hour (that’s today)

Yearbook (3W):

  • Keep Calm and Yearbook On
    • Work on yearbook pages

Reporting (4W):

  • Design Contest: Sterling American Legion Iwo Jima & WWII Survivor Dinner
    • Teams will be competing against each other
    • Winning team gets to plan an upcoming, Friday class period
    • Details:
      • 8.5x11inch paper
      • must be eye-catching
      • include pertinent information
    • DUE: Friday, March 22, 2013, by the end of the hour