Assignments for Sept. 5, 2013

English American Lit (2B, 3B):

  • Read pages 42-29 from the textbook (“Coyote and the Buffalo”)
    • Assignment
      • Analyze tone of story. Is tone appropriate for a folk tale and consider whether a more serious tone would or would not have worked equally well.
        • 1 paragraph
  • Read pages 50-61 from the textbook (“The Way to Rainy Mountain”, Values) 
    • Assignment
      • Writing to Synthesize: Make a list of the things you have in common with the Native Americans you’ve read about in this section—the things that connect us all as people. Then write one paragraph describing something that Native Americans valued in the past that many people still value today and one paragraph describing something they found objectionable with which you might also agree.

21st Century Journalism (5A):

  • Team Project: Form a team with two or three other class members. Imagine that you have been asked to collaborate on a series of articles about each of these subjects: (1) the murder of a doctor who performs abortions, (2) a state court case involving the legalization of the same-sex marriage, (3) a bill in your legislature raising the drinking age to 25, and (4) an IRS crackdown on people doing jobs for cash payment and not reporting their income for taxation. List and discuss the possible biases you might encounter among people you interview (officials, citizens) and people you work with (publishers, editors, and other reporters). What steps could you take to keep biases out of the stories? How will you make your story diverse, especially in terms of cultural and regional diversity?