Assignments for Sept. 6, 2013

Media and Public Relations (1W, 2W):

  • In groups of two, research your assigned topic (the Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street) and create a presentation explaining what the topic is, how digital communication (perhaps news coverage?) was used/was affected by it, and how social media (can you say, “Twitter”?) was used/was affected by it.
    • Due Monday, Sept. 9

Varsity Journalism (3W):

  • Final preparations for KSF SPC
  • Discuss ad sales script
  • Take Chapter 2 Quiz
  • Go over how to use the camera
  • Read Chapter Five of “Get the Picture”
  • Begin work on Chapter Five worksheet
    • due Wednesday, Sept. 11

21st Century Journalism (5A):

  • Complete team project by the middle of the hour
  • Share project findings with the class