Assignments for Sept. 9, 2013

English American Lit (2B, 3B):

  • Read pages 66-77 (from “La Relacion”) in the textbook
  • Assignment
    • Explorer’s Account: Write a two-to-four-paragraph journal entry to describe an interesting moment in a exploration. Your journey can be real or fictional, physical or mental.
      • Due Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013

Media and Public Relations (1W, 2W):

  • Present Arab Spring/Occupy Wall St. information
  • Read Chapter 11 of “Media & Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication”

Varsity Journalism (3W):

  • Record photo assignments into planners
  • Discuss weather and wardrobe for Kansas State Fair Scholastic Press Corps competitions
  • Complete Chapter Five worksheet
    • due Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013

21st Century Journalism (5A):

  • Read Chapter Two of the “News Reporting and Writing” textbook