Assignments for Feb. 10, 2014

English American Lit (2B, 3B):

  • “Ethan Frome” Multiple Choice Unit Test

A/V Production Fundamentals (1W, 2W):

  • Discuss thought on Podcast #1 Project
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Begin brainstorming topics for next show
    • Same groups
    • Same requirements
    • Double the points
    • Expected higher quality; demonstration of knowledge of the program

Varsity Journalism (3W):

  • Me Time
  • We Time
    • 3 basketball games this week
    • KSPA Regional entries due next week
    • Yearbook pages due next week
    • Birthday celebration
  • It Time

Special Projects In Journalism (5A):

  • Yearbook Advertising Sales
    • Status update