Assignments for Dec. 4, 2014

English American Lit (2B, 4B):

  • DLL (none to allow for class time to work on essay)
  • Argumentative Writing
    • Share Formal Outline with me via GDocs
    • Continue researching your claim to gather possible sources
      • Start constructing your Annotated Bibliography
        • Don’t forget the brief descriptions below each entry (those are the annotations)
    • Continue work on Rough Draft of essay
      • Don’t forget Works Cited and parenthetical citations within the paper
    • Plan for peer edits with a fellow classmate
    • NEW DUE DATE: Dec. 8, 2014
      • At the beginning of class

Marketing (3A):

  • Yearbook Ad Sales
    • Keep pushing forward!
    • Meet our goal of 10 pages!

Newsmagazine (6A):

  • Keep up with online news stories
  • January 2015 templates are on the server
    • Save photos as CMYK TIFFs
    • Save photos in the appropriate folder in the December 2014 Photos Folder
  • MAGAZINE DEADLINE: December 19, 2014
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