Assignments for Jan. 30, 2015

A/V Production Fundamentals (1W, 2W):

  • Technical Writing
    • In your same groups you did the radio dj project.
    • Create a step-by-step instruction manual on how to create the radio projects you just completed.
    • Be detailed.
    • Start from the very beginning.
    • Don’t leave out any steps.
    • End with exporting and emailing an MP3 file.
    • Again, be very detailed! Leave out nothing! Pretend like you are writing this so your grandma could do it, and we both know she knows nothing about technology.
    • Share this with me via Google Docs (with all group members’ names on it) before class on Monday.

Marketing (3A):

  • Study Hall

Yearbook (4W):

  • Me Time
    • Do what you will to prepare for yearbook work
  • We Time
    • Discuss items of importance
  • It Time
    • Do yearbook work
  • Clean Time
    • Tidy up and don’t leave the room a mess

Newsmagazine (6A):

  • Work on March 2015 Issue
    • Articles due Feb. 12, 2015
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