Assignments for Nov. 7, 2017

English American Lit & Project Management (2B, 4B):

  • DLL (none)
  • Project Management
    • Independent Reading Project #2 & #3

Web Design (3A):

Emerging Technologies (5A):

Cub Reporter Magazine (6A):

  • Me Time
    • Do what you will to prepare for magazine work
  • We Time
    • Discuss Items of Importance
  • It Time
    • Work on ad sales
    • Post November 2017 Content on the website
    • Work on December 2017 Content
      • Story Deadline: 11/15/17
      • Design Deadline: 11/20/17
      • Final Deadline: 11/21/17
  • Clean Time
    • Tidy up and don’t leave the room a mess

NOTE: Today is an election day. If you are able, you need to go vote. Go exercise your civic duty and take part in the democratic process. Apathy isn’t an option. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, our country desperately needs individuals to make their voices heard by casting a ballot at the polls. It is how a democracy works. It is how the United State operates, and it is everyone’s job to be an engaged and productive member of society. Go vote today.

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