Grading Policies

No Name on an Assignment/Quiz/Test

Failure to put your name on an assignment, quiz or text will result in a loss of 5 points. Period.

The total point value of the assignment/quiz/test is irrelevant. The loss of points stays the same.

Taking Quizzes Late

Language and Current Events quizzes can be taken up until the next quiz is given. Failure to take a missed quiz before the next quiz will result in a zero score for the missed quiz.

An example to illustrate this is if the Current Events quiz is given every Friday and the student misses it, he or she has to take the missed quiz before the following Friday’s quiz is administered.

Assignments Submitted Late

Due dates for all assignments are clearly publicized and explained. Failure to turn in an assignment by the prescribed due date will result in 50 percent off the total point value. This means an “F” would be the maximum score, and the assignment will still be graded with points being counted off for unmet requirements of the assignment.

Late assignments will be accepted within two weeks of the due date or before the end of the unit, which ever comes first. If the assignment isn’t completed before then, it will be scored as a zero.