21st Century Journalism

PressThis course promotes the development of the skill set needed today and in the future in the field of journalism. Topics include an exploration of the role media and the communications industry has in society, the development of the technical skills related to journalistic writing and interviewing, as well as understand the ethical and legal issues related to the field.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the role of the media in society and how media has evolved.
  • Understand and analyze press law and ethics.
  • Understand and practice basic reporting principles for a variety of platforms.
  • Understand the work production cycle.

Example Areas of Focus:

  • Role of the media in society
    • First Amendment
    • Evolution of journalism
      • History of print & broadcast & New media
  • Ethical and legal responsibilities
    • Press law (libel, slander, obscenity, privacy laws)
    • Student press rights
    • Copyright
    • Ethical practices
  • Reporting
    • Sources & interview process
    • Journalistic writing process
    • Different types of writing (news, editorial, features
    • Digital storytelling
    • Story production process
  • Careers in Journalism

Example Projects:

  • Public service announcement (1st Amendment)
  • News story (video or print)
  • Feature, editorial or review (video or print)
  • Blog or podcast (careers)
  • Story Package: print, video, web