Audio/Video Production Fundamentals

Microphone_in_fistThis course teaches a basic understanding audio and video for a variety of uses, including broadcast/news and entertainment, and video and film production. Topics include analyzing the pre-production, production and post-production process, as well as explore the equipment and techniques used to develop quality audio and video productions.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in A/V planning, editing and dissemination
  • Discuss the various technical standards that apply when using digital A/V formats
  • Discuss the strengths and limitations of various digital and analog A/V formats
  • Apply basic aesthetic values and understand composition in the production of A/V media
  • Demonstrate how A/V can be integrated with other forms of technology in a multimedia environment
  • Gain knowledge of legal issues surrounding A/V media

Example Areas of Focus:

  • History of radio
  • History of television
  • History of film
  • History of digital media
  • Impacts of non-print media on society
  • Script writing for various mediums
  • Audio production
  • Video production
  • Broadcast news
  • Copyright law
  • Movie production