Digital Media Technology

DigMediaTechThis course teaches the technical skills needed to work with electronic media. Topics include exploring the use of digital imaging and video today and in the future, a study of the relationship of work flow to project planning and completion and the software, equipment and tools used in the industry.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will learn to work with electronic media for communication.
  • Students will work collaboratively to create multimedia packages using video, sound, and design software.
  • Students will learn legal and ethical guidelines related to digital media.
  • Students will learn about media careers.

Example Areas of Focus:

  • Introduction to course
  • Journalism in the digital age
    • key terms
    • convergence
    • tools of the digital reporter
    • mobile journalism
    • pitfalls of digital journalism
    • careers and career skills
  • Writing for the digital audience
    • news: repurposing the inverted pyramid
    • blogging
    • publishing with a content management system
  • Visual storytelling
    • using and preparing still images for the web
    • copyright and fair use
  • Audio storytelling
    • conducting the audio interview
    • using and editing audio
  • Building and tracking an audience
    • search-engine optimization
    • using web analytics software
    • audience demographics
  • Social media
    • understanding social medium
    • managing news as a conversation
    • ethically moderating a discussion
  • Video storytelling
    • using and editing video
    • create video for online news website
  • Culminating project
    • independent or team project
    • producing news