Online Journalism

at-signThis course teaches basic skills to create journalistic pieces for online viewers. Such pieces will incorporate text, images, audio, video, data, and social media. Standards of journalistic reporting and writing will be applied to all work throughout the course. Students will learn and hone reporting and writing skills.

The core purpose of this course is to foster students’ storytelling and critical-thinking skills and make them better journalists. Whereas other classes may focus on building these skills in the context of a print or broadcast newsroom, this class teaches these skills across platforms — students will learn how to use video and photos with text to tell stories and how to use social media as storytelling tools. They also will learn how to evaluate when it is appropriate to use these tools, as well as why it is important to consider the impact of these technologies on the communication process.

The bulk of the work for this course will be centered around the Sterling Student Publications news site.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore and utilize technology to produce a product
  • Use information technology tools to access, manage, integrate, and create information
  • Know and understand the importance of professional ethics and legal responsibilities
  • Know and understand the importance of employability skills
  • Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of telling journalistic stories with different media and apply those skills to analyzing and developing content
  • Learn how to develop journalistic stories for different media
  • Develop skills using multiple software and hardware for creating multimedia stories
  • Plan and produce reporting projects that include written and visual components

Example Areas of Focus:

  • Conduct interviews
  • Write copy
  • Take and prepare images
  • Prepare graphic art elements for publication
  • Record audio and video
  • Create web content, pages using appropriate software
  • Editing copy, images, audio, video and all other content
  • Maintain an online periodical