Staff Tools

The Cub and Cub Reporter use several methods of promotion and organizational tools. These are outlined below. Please utilize them. They will make everything run much more smoothly.

Twitter/Instagram: @SterlingCub

  • You will be given access to this account. Post to it to promote The Cub and Cub Reporter. Use it to add extra coverage of any event you are covering. Do so professionally. Do not post inappropriate or unsavory things via this account. Doing so will bring forth swift and harsh reprimand. Remember, being professional is one of our tenants.


  • We sell photos via this site. It is an extra way for us to fund the yearbook. Take lots of photos so we can put them online and hopefully earn additional money.


  • This calendar will be used to keep track of everything that pertains to The Cub and Cub Reporter. You will be given deeper access to it in order to see more details. At the link provided here, you can download the appropriate file to be able to subscribe to the calendar on your devices.

Leper and Lover List:

  • This is a list posted in the yearbook room. On it, every student and how often they are in the yearbook will be tracked. Lepers are students who have already been covered enough. Lovers are those who need covered more.

Yearbook Avenue:

  • We will be keeping track of book and ad sales via this site. Also, we can submit our finished pages through it. There are also several tools we can utilize.


  • This is a tool that allows anyone to submit photos for the yearbook. At the end of the year, it becomes a time capsule. Students who have purchased a yearbook will be given a code to access it forever. If we upload tons of photos and non-staffers upload tons of photos, it is a cool feature that provides even more memories to those who buy the book.


  • This allows you to find and utilize creative and appropriate fonts for your page designs. Use typography as a key component of the design. Let the type of font you use help tell the story.

Adobe Kuler:

  • This allows you to determine colors and how to use them. It gives you the codes for a specific color. Also, there is a phone app for that. It is really cool!

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • When interviewing, staffers need to have at least 3 questions for each student they talk to.
  • Staffers are required to turn in 2 “out of school” photos and 1 “in school” photo per week.
    • In order to get every school day covered, each staffer will be assigned a day they must take the camera around to their classes.
  • Students that are not enrolled in yearbook, unless they are be photographed or interviewed, are not allowed in the lab during class.
  • In order to manage time and make sure staffers are working, staffers that leave the lab have to let one of the editors or adviser know where they are going and what they are going to do.
  • Everything taken out of the lab will be signed out.
  • Staffers should always have something to do. If not, they should ask an editor.
  • In photography, high quality is important.
    • No two photos need to tell the same story.
    • Three “times” of photos to capture: before, during, after
    • Variety in distance: wide, medium, tight
    • Variety in angle: bird’s eye view, worms eye view, head on view
    • Sports: only 50% of photos on the spread should be “helmet” shots; get faces!
    • Posed photos are OK in the Instagram and Facebook world; just keep them to a minimum on your spreads