Video Production

CanonVideoCameraThis course teaches pre-production, production and post production phases of project development in a broadcast news environment through a theory based, hands-on approach. Topics include the technical aspects of the digital video camera, camera shots and composition, media literacy, aesthetic elements and techniques, non-linear editing, public service announcements, television advertising, studio roles and responsibilities and broadcast news. Students will build upon the knowledge learned in Audio/Video Production Fundamentals.

Once all the jobs in the room have been established, this will be more like a work environment instead of a classroom environment. The name of the broadcast is Sterling Now.

Course Objectives:

  • Master the operation of a video camera
  • Learning the principles of how to capture great video and audio
  • Demonstrate to edit video and audio
  • Demonstrate how to tell a story by combining video and audio
  • Produce news broadcasts in a team environment with varying points of emphasis

Example Areas of Focus:

  • Roles and responsibilities of broadcasters
  • News reporting ethics
  • Establishing a studio
  • Pre-production phase and process
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Lighting
  • Audio recording
  • Audio editing
  • Video recording and composition
  • Video editing
  • Video storytelling and advanced methods