Emerging Technologies

Drone_DJIPhantom2This course is different from your typical course. It will be approached as a grand experiment. The goal is to create an interesting and challenging blend of academic rigor within the context of applied technology. Not only will the class look at technologies that could be viewed as disruptive to typical practices, but it will investigate them to uncover the emergent opportunities for discovering novel use.

This course is designed in a blended model that will take advantage of all sorts of digital tools and online spaces. Though the class will meet at the same time and in the same location, various teams will be working independently of each other. Teams will need to communicate with each other to achieve the overall class goal. Students will need to be active participants in order to thrive. The best students are ones who are willing to take risks and make mistakes.

Course Objectives:

  • Work in teams to solve complex, novel challenges
  • Demonstrate their understanding of emerging and disruptive technologies
  • Recognize and discuss the differences and affordances inherent in emerging technologies for different contexts
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the intersection of community, identity, and design as it relates to the larger context of emerging technologies
  • Produce digital media of many types (audio, video, photography, animations, text)
  • Synthesize individual and team based knowledge into digital presentations

Example Areas of Focus:

  • iPad uses
  • Chromebook uses
  • Drone operation
  • GIS Technologies
  • Robotics
  • Video production
  • Technical writing