Treat news sites with care of a chef

The traffic numbers for Sterling Student Publications, the site operated by my journalism students, is abysmal. This is especially true for our homepage, so I started to look around for tips and tricks of improving those numbers. I stumbled across a Feb. 15, 2016, article on written by Jonathan Rogers. …

Newsletters create engagement

During my 45-minute commute home from my job as a high school journalism teacher, I was thinking about what I could have my magazine students do in May. I realize I’m a bit ahead of myself, but I had just got done telling my students they only three issues of our …

Talking About: Pod Save America

A little while back, I mentioned a podcast called Pod Save America. When I mentioned it, I was specifically talking about it, but I did say I needed to check it out. I have done that, and so I am sharing today my thoughts on podcast. Since it I am discussing a podcast, I decided to share my thoughts in audio form.

For those of you not inclined to sit through my blathering, here is a overview of what I had to say: