Todd Vogts

News Bytes Media was originally created to be an online repository for various assignments and other course work involved with the University of Missouri School of Journalism master’s degree program in Media Management. It continues to exist as a platform for discussing topics of interest to the worlds of journalism, technology, and education. It was created and is maintained by Todd Vogts and exists within his primary academic website. With News Bytes Media, Vogts combines three of his passions by exploring journalism, technology, and education.

When Vogts first purchased this domain name several years ago, he had intended to use it as a corporate name for media company he hoped to start. He believed the name encapsulated the journalism industry’s continued development around digital platforms. The “bytes” referred to computer data and also played with the idea of digital “biting” into the old ways of media.

Plans obviously changed when he found his passion for teaching, so the company as he envisioned it never came to fruition. Even so, the name of this site exists a subtle homage to the journalism-orientated card game “Man Bites Dog,” and it also relates to the the now-defunct Newsbytes News Network. Vogts is happy he found a use for the domain and is relieved his domain-hording ways have proved to be, at least somewhat, beneficial. He is excited to put this site to good use and hopes visitors find it interesting, thought provoking, and useful.